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Parental Discretion is advised (Age 18 & over)

Lia Scott Price's "The Guardian"


Over 18 only, R-Rated.  

(This film contains language, scenes of violence & sexual situations)

Lia Scott Price's The Guardian is an adaptation of The Guardian (Book 1) of her Trilogy Novel The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion, and features a Serial Killer Guardian Angel (TM). The Guardian gives you a reason not to pray to Guardian Angels. Anyone praying to a Guardian Angel unleashes something evil. In the film version, a student tries to warn people not to pray to guardian angels, and in the meantime, a disillusioned guardian angel stalks a college campus, killing suicidal students. The student becomes a target of the Angel after her boyfriend leaves her and she prays for an end to her pain to her Guardian Angel. It’s a very different adaptation from the novel, but features the Serial Killer Guardian Angel character. 


 CREDITS: Stars: Lia Scott Price, Steven Dell, David Switch, Adam Somilleda, Nicole Liberty-Whitlock Director: Mark J. Doddy Writer: Lia Scott Price Cinematographers: Lia Scott Price and Mark J. Doddy Original Music by: Mike Naz 


 Lia Scott Price, Horror Author/Film Producer 

 All Lia Scott Price Material is Copyrighted.