Every Fashion designers new favorite show. Fashion World Magazine will take its viewers into the high pace world of fashion.


  Fashion World Magazine (FWM) will introduce viewers to some of the new faces in fashion designing. Viewers will meet these designers, models, hair and make-up artist, photographers and jewelry makers to get to know them up-close and personally and even see some of their newest fashions in mini fashions shows.

The show will give you the viewer behind the scenes access to how the designers design pieces, where some of their inspirations come from and what does it actually take to be in the industry.


Meet the ones that make the stars look beautiful and get back stage access to all of the major fashion events.


Get the major news that happens in the world of fashion. FWM will visit the places where designers are born and bred and watch informative segments that will push your fashion knowledge to the outer limits.




Fashion World Magazine Host Karen Burgins, David Rivera and Bri Barden take you on a journey throughout the fashion industry to meet some of today's upcoming designers.

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