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Beside the Manor Selby 
by Ellsworth Hall

Beside The Manor Selby

An Edwardian period drama written, directed and scored by Ellsworth Hall. It stars cult film actors Conrad Brooks and George Stover. Inspired by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Daphne duMaurier, Thomas Paine and Shakespeare, the story revolvesaroundthe inhabitants of the Manor Selby in and their ties with the"developing theatre of horrors," i.e. The Great War in Europe. JohnPatmos attempts to elicit the aid of Hezekiah Piker whois residing at Selby while the owners are in Europe. He wishes Piker toassist their mutual friend, Captain Vaushnic in hispeace-keeping efforts in Verdun, France. Vaushnic's Austrian andSerbian ties afford him a unique position in the clandestine peaceaccords. Will Piker consent, and if so what dangers await them in thebattlefields of France? And what of The Gardener's in an epronouncements? Are they simply obstruse divinations or much more?


***The "Beside the Manor Selby" mov has about 2 1/2 minutes at the beginning of musical overture with a black screen (like some classic movies of the past).***


Beside the Manor Selby (2010) Written, directed and scored by Ellsworth Hall Produced by Edward Hopf Starring - Conrad Brooks,    George Stover E. Warren Hopf, Rhea Hodconnde,   Joseph M. Dwyer,    Hal L. Rothwells with Theo H. Doccrest,   Erik Marks,   Maureen Dwyer,   Robert Brun,   Mandy McMahan


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