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                                                      Crew The Series

Created by Tony Napolitano

Three young men, Johnny Gallagher, Steven Petricelli, and Anthony Lombardi are errand boys for Nicky Greco boss of a ruthless NYC crime family. Eager to make it big, they decide errands aren’t enough and try to start their own crew, using the resources of the family the whole time trying to keep it a secret from Nicky and rival gangs. They quickly realize the big city is smaller then it seems.

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Contains  violence, strong language, nudity, sexual content.

Pilot Episode 1: The Drop

Rated NR



The kids are given their first meaning full assignment, and having a hard time finding reliable people Nicky starts to take matters into his own hands.

Episode 2: Aftermath

Rated NR



The kids face the music after losing Nicky’s money and contemplate their next move. Heather deals with uncomfortable situations at home.

Episode 3: Slick Willie Jones

Rated NR



The kids start to put their plan into motion and deal with some close calls along the way. Still looking for his money Nicky comes up with his own plan to right the wrongs. Somenew crucial characters introduced.

Episode 4: No Strings Attached

Rated NR



With the kids plan in motion they start to put together money making schemes. Nicky continues his cleaning house and making statements and Heather is given an opportunity that may change her situation.  

Episode 5: Sunshine Escorts

Rated NR 



Episode 6: This Is My City

Rated NR


Heather's first day on the job, she gets greeted with a few surprises. Nicky is forced to start operating with caution. 


Episode 7: "You Got 48 Hrs" 

(Season Finale)

Rated NR


Check in for the season finale! It's a must see!



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Produced by Gamble Productions Corp/ Tony Napolitano
Written and directed by Tony Napolitano 
Director of Photography and Cinematographer Tony Napolitano 
Edited by Tony Napolitano
Asst Director Ed Bonfanti
Boom Operator Carmine Rizzo
Heather – Elisa Santamaria 
Steve Petricelli – Greg Accetta
Johnny Gallagher – Ezie Cotler 
Nicky Greco – Skip Johnson
Hector Vargas – Eluid Kauffman
Jackie Ricci – Nick Dubanos 
Slick Willie Jones – Z Louis Finney
Jojo Calabrese – David Mohr 
Mark Romano – Chris Ferretti
Anthony Lombardi  - Stephen Medvidick


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