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Ever watch a television show or movie and felt that you can do a better job? Well, grab your camera, your script and find a crew,  because it's time to put your talents where your mouth is. Welcome to On IBChannel.TV, you can now create your own video content to have broadcasted on the world wide web. Not just spoof videos or violent videos but videos that have base, style and substance. Yes, you can now create your own television shows, variety shows, news and sports, shows for all the world to see. Our shows are broken into eight different Genres:

IBChannel Entertainment
IBChannel Sports
IBChannel News
IBChannel World
IBChannel Children
IBChannel Cinema
IBChannel Religion
IBChannel Theatre It's time to get paid 

But the possibilities of IBChannel just don't end there. Think your show has what it takes to be a big hit? Think your show has what it takes to be the next big thing? Then you can market your project and obtain advertising for your video content and...yes, get paid for your works. You gave the blood, sweat and tears for your content, why not get all that you have coming to you. The most important part about that...IT'S ALL YOUR MONEY. Expandability 

We do all the work for you. You simply send us your videos , brief bio and other important information about your project. We load the video onto the website and send your video right back to you (if mailed). You can keep your show on the website for as long as you want. A Day, a week, a month, and if you have more than one show, you can have your show listed into seasons for your fans and viewers to view whenever they like. The best part, It's All done for FREE!!!