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CaribTalk is a magazine television show created and produced by Jean-Rene Rinvil with iVision TV. The show focuses on Community Leaders, News, Arts & Culture, Music, Travel and Local Spotlights about people from the Caribbean.
Sundays @ 12PM 
Premiering on IBChannel on  Sunday, July 22, 2012

Carib Talk: Show 1

This week, join hosts, Ivy Box & Roxanne Bartley as they take you to the Tampa Bay International  Business Council. 

Next week take a  trip with Kera Blades to the Bahamas!

Carib Talk: Show 2

Take a  trip with Kera Blades to the Bahamas!


Carib Talk: Show 3

This week Roxanne Bartley discusses the Cholera outbreak in Cuba with2 2013 Miami Mayoral Candidate, Jeff Benjamin & Kera Blades takes us out with her last day in Grand Bahama Island.J


Carib Talk: Show 4


This week CaribTalk takes you to Trinidad & Tobago



Carib Talk: Show 5


Carib Talk: Puerto Rico




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